POLYPROFIL Aluminum Display System

85 cm Width Component

Frame of 85cm width, which consists of individual side sections of 12436 profile, which are connected perimetrically with 90° metal connections and fixed in the middle with a 21 mm diameter metal pipe, which is fastened to the corresponding metal sockets, which are screwed at the connection points of the profile sections… (See figure below)

Available at the following dimensions

Countless Combinations You can combine several different shapes and sizes to achieve unique decorations and spaces. Fast and Easy Installation Our system is designed for fast and easy assemble without special tools. Light but strong and stable All parts and elements of POLYPROFIL Display System are made with high quality, durable aluminum, guaranteed to remain strong and reliable for many many uses.... Exchangeable Themes Buy once, Use it several times at different occasions . All you need to change is the printed theme. baseless installation Is your space covered by a lifted floor base. You can screw system modules directly on the floor. DUAL OR SINGLE FACE Each side can host a different theme. Or you can choose the single face model. It's up to you... FEATURES & CHARACTERISTICS XARAKTIRISTIKA