POLYPROFIL Aluminum Display System (ADS)

POLYPROFIL innovates and presents the new Aluminium Projection System for all your projection needs. The new POLYPROFIL ADS is an innovative and practical solution to the always demanding and constant need of companies and enterprises for effective promotion of Products, Services and every issue required by their activities. POLYPROFIL ADS is a smart modular projection system which consists of different panels of specific standard dimensions, which when combined with each other can form countless combinations and constructions of Decoration / Projection, limited only by your imagination. ADS applications are innumerable. They can form impressive masonry / backs for entire exhibition stands, be space dividers, serve as advertising banners, or reception stands, help desks, stands or bases for placement & display of products and much more. The design philosophy of ADS is based on the need of companies and organisations for an effective solution to promote or inform the public in social activities and events (Conferences, Exhibitions, Shops, Seminars, Performances, Concerts) and in general in any case that communication of a topic or information is required.

The practical advantages of POLYPROFIL ADS are also important. Briefly, we mention…:


They are made entirely of high-strength aluminum. This makes them durable and resistant to wear and tear of any kind, no matter how many times you will assemble and disassemble them.


Ability to easily and quickly remove a theme, and easily install a new theme. This means that you solve in a permanent way any need for promotion of different topics in the same or different places (eg Theatrical Performances, Concerts, Nightclubs, etc.)


They are portable and light. Despite the durability offered by their aluminum construction, they are easy to transport and install due to their small weight.


They can cover large areas. The combination of modules of larger dimensions can easily cover and decorate several meters of space in length and width. They are an ideal solution for creating back wall masonry in exhibition stands or conference spaces.


They have the option of Double Side Print, which means that they can display one theme on one side and another theme on the other side. Of course they are also available in a one-sided version.


They can be installed quickly and easily.
Their installation is easy as their assembly requires only the simple screwing of some screws and fittings, which can be easily done by anyone without the need for special skills or experience.


Below are listed all available sizes of our system modules. Choose one to see its details, technical specifications and images...